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Black and white photo of Vienna horses smiling and kissing

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As Austria's capital city, Vienna is a true representation of the exceptional architecture, cuisine, and charm that Austria is known for. Take a peek at Vienna and all its beauty in the photo journal below. You may also like the full guide to Austria found here.

Vienna at Night

There are plenty of opportunities in Vienna to catch some of its finest buildings as the sun is setting over the city. Whether you capture photos at blue hour or beyond, there's no shortage of stunning locations to view these remarkable buildings and settings.

Karlskirche church facade with reflecting pool in front at blue hour

Blue Hour at the Pond in Front of Karlskirche (St. Charles Church)

Vienna Opera lit up at night

View of the Opera from the Top Steps of Albertina

The Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna lit up at night

Musikverein - The Vienna Concert Hall


From Gothic and Romanesque to Baroque and Art Nouveau, Vienna's churches are an eclectic mix of architecture and details. View the photos below to take in just a few of these beautiful examples sprinkled throughout Vienna.

Sunlight on the pews inside St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna

Catching Great Light inside Stephansdom - (St. Stephen's Church)

A man staring up at the massive vaulted ceiling inside Votivkirche

Taking in the Soaring Neo-Gothic Vaulted Ceiling in Votivkirche (Votive Church)

Vienna Church Facades and Interior Details


Of the fourteen palaces in Vienna, the ones that top the must-see list are Schönbrunn, Belvedere, and Hofburg. At Schönbrunn, you'll be fascinated by the beautiful park and grounds. At Belvedere, in addition to beautifully landscaped surroundings, you'll find one of the largest collections of Gustav Klimt anywhere in the world. And finally, Hofburg and the Sisi Museum have installations that are beautifully organized and displayed. It is, to this day, one of my favourite museums.

White sculptural fountain at front entry to Schönbrunn Palace

The Fountain and Facade of Schönbrunn Palace

The landscaped grounds and white facade of Belvedere Palace

The Striking Baroque Facade of Belvedere Palace

A white gravel pathway lined by hedges with Belvedere Palace in the background

Walking the Impressive Grounds of Belvedere

Interior Hall and Details of Belvedere Palace


Vienna definitely has its fair share of fountains; there are 54 monument and memorial fountains throughout the city that were often created by an artist of the era. Some are on palace grounds, while others spring up throughout the city in all different shapes and sizes. What better way to cool off in the summer than stopping by these works of art to stand in the cool spray of the water.

Hochstrahlbrunnen fountain surrounded by white stone buildings and trees

The Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain has been Functional Since 1873

White sculptural fountain with landscaped hedges in the background

The Mermaid Sculptural Fountain in the Belvedere Palace Gardens

Horse and Buggy

I was completely enamoured by the sound of horse hooves clopping on the cobblestoned streets of Vienna. There was a whimsy to the whole experience, and it made the city more charming than it already is, if that's possible.

White Horse with blue blanket standing in front of white stone buildings

Horse and Buggies Lined Up Outside Hofburg Palace

White horses pulling white buggy in front of yellow Albert Sturm building

Horse and Buggy Passing Albert Sturm

White horses pulling a buggy across the gravel path at Schonbrunn Palace

Crossing the Grounds of Schönbrunn Palace

Heading to the Opera in Style


The cuisine of Austria; it still makes me sigh to this day. While I loved the sausage, ate schnitzel to die for and had goulash at least once a day, I must admit that the desserts were impeccable! It was hard to pass some of the pastry shops without stopping in for a treat to devour later in the day.

Pink, brown and red cupcakes on display in a store window

Vienna Has no Shortage of Yummy Pastries

Cake slices and tarts in display in a glass case

Delectable Cakes and Tarts are a Delicious Part of Vienna's Endless Dessert Offerings

Architecture and Details

Vienna's architectural and sculptural details make the city a visual wonderland. Around almost every corner is a beautiful white stone facade that seems almost too much to take in. Not only are the facades fascinating, but the interior decor is just as impressive and impeccably detailed.

Close up of white stone figures

Sculptural Fountain in Front of Vienna Parliament

Painted coffered ceiling and sculptures in the Natural History Museum staircase

The Staircase in the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien)

White stone sculpture of a high priest with scripture on a building facade

One of the Many Incredibly Detailed Sculptures on Vienna's Facades

Plague column on Graben street with outdoor restaurant

The Plague Column on the Pedestrian-only Street of Graben

A Wonderful Hotel

While touring Vienna, I stayed in Motel One Wien-Staatsoper, located just around the corner from the Opera. The details and quirkiness in the design of this hotel were unexpected and fun to explore. There was an opportunity to snap photos in many parts of the hotel, from the dining chairs sitting on ballerina feet to the tutu lamps and horn chandelier. The accommodations were well-appointed, and the price was right for the location. I highly recommend Motel One Wien-Staatsoper.

Attention to Architectural Details at Motel ONE Wien-Staatsoper

I always judge how much I love a city or country by the simple phrase "would I go back?" After all, there are so many places to explore. How do I answer that question about Vienna? With a resounding yes! I would return given the chance and would love to explore the city all over again. From the charm, the architecture, the food and the experience of it all, Vienna is a city that deserves to be on any travellers list of destinations.

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