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Sun setting over Pont Sant'Angelo bridge with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background

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At 2,000 years old, Rome is appropriately named the 'eternal city'; its historical significance, architecture, charm, cuisine, and more entice approximately 10,000 people per day to visit. Take a peek at Rome and all its beauty in this photo journal, plus get some great photography tips on locations, camera gear and more! You may also like the complete guide to Italy found here.

Palatine Hill and the Forum

The photos below were taken at Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum and Trajan's Market. It's best to visit all three sites on the same day since they are located next to each other. You can enter Palatine Hill and take a connecting walkway to the Forum, then upon exiting the Forum, Trajan's Market is just across the street.


  • You can get great shots of Plaza Venezia, Trajan's Column and the surrounding area by heading to the upper floors of Trajan's Market.

  • When taking photos of arches and other highly detailed structures, make sure to get close-up shots so you can appreciate the high-relief carvings, columns, and more. You may also want to experiment with aperture (around the 4 - 5.6 range) to get details up close in focus and far off details blurred. This range is highly dependent on a number of factors (lens, amount of light, etc) so you will need to experiment based on the setting, your camera and your gear.

  • If you're taking photos of attractions at dusk or beyond, be sure to have a tripod to get crisp shots. Think about investing in a lightweight titanium tripod which is a less heavy option for travellers.

View of ruins, Trajan's column and Piazza Venizia from above

View from the Upper Floors of Trajan's Market

Details of the arch of Septimius Severus including columns and high relief carvings

The Arch of Septimius Severus

Ruins of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum

Ominous sky above the Arch of Constantine with grass and trees in the foreground

Calm Before the Storm at the Arch of Constantine

The colosseum lit up at blue hour with red and white flowers in front

Blue Hour at the Colosseum

The Interior of the Colosseum

Walk Around the Colosseum to get Different Angles

A beautiful stone house with a stone surrounding wall and purple flowers in front

House of Livia Facade and Grounds

A large stone building half in ruins with a purple, yellow and pink sky

The Temple of Venus and Rome

Vatican City

The sites of importance in Vatican City are Pont Sant'Angelo, Castel Sant'Angelo, Vatican Museums, the Grottoes, Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter's Basilica. You can visit these sites in a single day, but it will be a lengthy, jam-packed one.


  • It is advisable to visit Castel Sant'Angelo last so that you can go to the rooftop and get views over Vatican City at sunset. The three photos just below were taken from this location.

  • You can take photos pretty much anywhere inside Vatican city except for the Sistine Chapel itself. If you try snapping pictures in here, you will be asked to leave or hand over your camera, and they will delete the images.

View of St. Peter's Basilica dome and Vatican city from above at sunset

View of Vatican City from Castel Sant'Angelo Rooftop

The dome of St. Peter's Basilica with a yellow, orange and pink sunset

St. Peter's Basilica from Castel Sant'Angelo

Large brown stone buildings with massive low lying clouds behind them

View from Castel Sant'Angelo Rooftop

Interior of Castel Sant'Angelo

St. Peter's Basilica Interior and the Swiss Guard

View of a calm river with a boat cutting across and a tree in the foreground

View into Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica

A massive gold sphere sculpture with parts of it cut open sitting in a courtyard

Sphere Within a Sphere Sculpture at the Vatican Museum


With 300 monumental fountains in the city of Rome, there's plenty to choose from. The most popular are Trevi (which is also said to be the most popular in the world), Fountain of the Four Rivers, Moor Fountain, Turtle Fountain, Neptune Fountain, Fontana del Panteon, and Fontana della Barcaccia.


  • It may be challenging to get the full fountain in the image without people in the shot. Have patience and wait for a break in the crowds or walk around it and experiment with different angles.

  • Take up-close photos as well. The details of the carvings and sculptures in Roman fountains are remarkable.

Foutain in front of a facade with high relief carvings, sculptures and columns

The Incredible Sculptures and Details of Trevi Fountain

A white marble fountain with a white stone building in the background

Fountain of the Four Rivers in Plaza Navona

Moor Fountain and Fountain of the Four Rivers Details

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a remarkable building located near Piazza Navona on the city's northeast side. Standing inside and witnessing the massive dome that has stood 2,000 years is nothing short of impressive. Built around 120 A.D., the Pantheon is the best preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings, and should be a must-see on your Rome itinerary.


  • To get a photo of the building as a whole, step back until you can get the entire structure in the shot and wait for a break in the crowds. If possible, wait until people are not walking directly toward your camera as in the photo below - 'Front View of the Pantheon.' It keeps the attention on the building and not someone staring into your cameras lens.

  • Walk around the building to get photos of people sitting next to the columns. This is a great perspective that shows just how immense they are.

  • When taking photos of the interior, stand as close to the wall as possible and use a wide-angle lens to try and capture as much of the ground, floor and ceiling as your lens' capability will allow.

  • You can also stand in the centre and take a photo upward to capture the oculus in the centre of the coffered ceiling.

The Pantheon with its stone columns, round rotunda and people out front

Front View of the Pantheon

The large stone columns of the Pantheon with people sitting at the base

A Little Perspective on the Size of the Columns

Looking up at the ceiling and capitals of the Pantheon columns

Exterior Detail of Pantheon's Columns

Column and Interior Details

A horse standing in front of the Pantheon with a buggy in the background

Horse and Buggy Rides in Front of the Pantheon

Restaurant Facades

A stroll down almost any street in Rome will eventually lead you to rustic, classical, or contemporary restaurant facades. While I didn't dine in any of the restaurants in the images below, it was fun to photograph the artfully decorated exteriors.


  • Look for facades that are colourful or have interesting details like Salotto 42 in the image below. The vibrant greenery against the yellow stucco and the black iron doors makes for a great focal point in this image.

  • While it's challenging to get photos without people dining outside, if you see an opportunity, use it to snap a pic of some of the beautiful rustic details that adorn Rome's restaurants.

A restaurant facade covered in a wall of greenery with iron doors and yellow stucco walls

Salotto 42 Cocktail Bar and Lite Bites

Patio tables sitting on cobblestone with white canopies overhead

Traditional Roman Dishes Located Near the Pantheon

Patio tables with brown and cream plaid table cloths outside a restaurant

Rustic Restaurant with Lamb, Pizza and Seafood

A close up view of vegetables in a rattan basket with an etched silver bowl in the background

Vegetable Harvest Display Outside a Local Restaurant

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