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A girl on a mountaintop feeding birds that are gliding in the air.

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If you choose to take a trip along the 460km stretch of the Romantic Road, you will not only drive through some of the most stunning landscapes, but you will fall in love with the beauty and quaintness of the charming towns along the way. Scroll through the photos and information below to start planning an incredible journey. To find more information on Germany, you can find the complete guide here.

Fussen and Schwangau

Located just one kilometre from the Austrian border, Fussen is the southern start of the Romantic Road. It's a gem of a town with pretty pastel-coloured buildings. In the warmer months, the streets are alive with restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, boutiques and souvenir stores.

The next stop is Schwangau and you'll know you've arrived when you see the impressive Neuschwanstein Castle peeking out from its perch above the green fields below. The castle is probably the most famous in the world since it was the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty. In Schwangau, you will also find Hohenschwangau Castle, hiking trails, and four lakes where you can fish, surf and sail.

A white castle perched on a mountain with treetops below.

Neuschwanstein Castle Photographed from the Bridge Viewpoint

A yellow castle nestled in the trees with mountains and low clouds in the background.

Bird's Eye View of Hohenschwangau Castle

The Area Around Neuschwanstein Castle

Looking up at a yellow castle with a black street lamp and and trees around the bottom.

The Pretty Yellow Facade of Hohenschwangau Castle

The Facade of Hohenschwangau and Views from Neuschwanstein

Mittenwald and Oberammergau

If you have an extra day in your itinerary, it's highly recommended to take a trip to the Karwendel mountain range in Mittenwald and stroll through the streets admiring the wonderfully colourful buildings in both Oberammergau and Mittenwald. While not part of the Romantic Road, this side trip at the beginning or end of your journey is an unforgettable experience and is worth the extra day and the drive from Fussen.

People walking on a mountain path with other mountain peaks in the distance.

The Hiking Paths on Karwendel Mountain

People walking on a mountain path with other mountain peaks in the distance.

Karwendel is the Largest Northwest Limestone Mountain Range in the Alps

The Information Centre (left) and a Bench with a View

A massive telescope that people can walk through sitting on top of a mountain.

The Telescope Houses an Information Centre and Changing Exhibitions

A white building with religious frescos painted around the windows and doors

The Pretty Painted Facade of Kaffee Muhle in Mittenwald

Details of Mittenwald's Beautiful Buildings

A store with a bold blue Anno Domini fresco painted on the top part of the building.

A Souvenir Store in Oberammergau

Painted Facades in Mittenwald and Oberammergau


With its 2.7-kilometre trek around the city, you can see the architecture and streets of Nordlingen from a bird's eye view while walking the city walls. You may also choose to visit one of the museums (the Railway Museum or Ries Crater Museum). To get a fantastic view of the city, climb to the top of the steeple in St. George's church.

A church tower with light breaking through the clouds behind it and an enormous pine tree in the foreground

The steeple of St. Georges Church

A wooden walkway leading to a white stone fortification with red clay tiles on the roof.

Walkways in Nordlingen

The Wall Walk Around the City of Nordlingen

A green landscape with houses in the foreground and a cloud-filled sky.

Views of the Countryside from St. Georges Steeple

A green landscape with houses in the foreground, a cloud-filled sky and a wall around the city.

Bird's eye View of Nordlingen


Try to be in Dinkelsbuhl early in the morning to walk the paths around the town as they are so peaceful at this time. The facades of the buildings in Old Town are lovely, and it's worth it to stroll the streets without an agenda. There is a St. George church located in Dinkelsbuhl, as well as Nordlingen, and the one found here should be visited in the morning to witness the natural light streaming through the windows. TIP: I had such a peaceful experience in Dinkelsbuhl, but as I was leaving around noon, I could see the crowds starting to fill the streets, so plan your visit accordingly.

A stone fortified building with a red-roofed turret, and trees with green and red leaves.

The Start of Fall Colours in Dinkelsbuhl

Rampart walls around a city with a pond in front of it.  A duck is paddling across the pond.

The Duck Pond and Rampart Around Dinkelsbuhl

A stone tower with a rust coloured roof, a pond and grass in front of it.

Rothenburger Tower is a Great Place to Begin the Wall Walk

Yellow, red and tan coloured buildings with flower boxes on the windows and iron hanging signs.

Brightly Coloured Hotel and Restaurants in Dinkelsbuhl

A fountain in the foreground with flowers hanging over the sides and charming buildings in the background.

Dinkelsbuhl Fountain and Restaurant

Fall Colours and their Matching Facades

The Wonderful Cobblestone Streets of Dinkelsbuhl

The Interior of St. George's Church

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Of all the towns on the Romantic Road, Rothenburg should definitely make your list of places to visit. Staying overnight is the best way to experience this gem; you not only get to see the night as it falls over the town, but you also experience the quaint cobblestone streets in the still morning without the crowds. TIP: Don't miss the 2.4-kilometre walk of the medieval walls around the city and a stroll through Burggarten for stunning views of the landscape.

A tree-filled landscape with stone towers and rampart walls around a town.

The Landscape of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

A landscape filled with trees and a white house with a red roof.

Views from the City Walls

A salmon-coloured building on the right, a vine covered building on the left and a stone wall in the distance.

Wandering the Streets of Rothenburg

Historic Buildings and the Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas Car

A smiling man driving a black open carriage car with kids on the side of the street smiling at him.

The Happiest Gent in his Classic Carriage

A landscape viewed through an arched stone window.

Spying the Landscape from the City Walls

Details on the Facades in Rothenburg

The Famous Photo Location of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

A covered wooden walkway with stone walls and a stone turret in the background with a red tiled roof.

Rooftops and Towers Viewed from the City Walls

The Cobblestone Streets and Wooden Walkways of Rothenburg

Landscapes Along the Romantic Road

Try to set out early when travelling from one town to the next. The early morning fog that reaches across the field and the low lying rays of sunlight makes for some beautifully dramatic landscapes.

A green field with fog and dew over the ground and sun breaking through the clouds.

Morning Drive from Nordlingen to Dinkelsbuhl

The Landscape Around Mittenwald and Oberammergau

Great Bites

The food in Germany is delicious and you can find any number of restaurants and cafes along the stops on the Romantic Road, both roadside and in the numerous towns.

A dinner plate with 4 large sausages, cabbage underneath and a red pepper resting on top.

Time Out for a Sausage Dinner in Mittenwald

A large burger and fries on a white plate with a gourd and salt shaker on the table in the background.

Great Burger and Frites in Dinkelsbuhl

A window display with loaves of bread in rattan baskets on orange cloths.

Rustic German Breads Available Around Dinkelsbuhl

Multiple balls of chocolate and pastries in a window display.

Sweets, and More Sweets on Display on the Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is an epic European journey. Take in the breathtaking landscapes, admire buildings with stunning painted frescoes, or grab some tasty bites in charming cafes. No matter how you choose to spend your time along this incredible stretch of highway you will undoubtedly have the experience of a lifetime!

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